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The Happy Me Mission

Happy Me was born out of a passion and desire to help redress hormonal imbalance, to ease the symptoms that it can cause and rejuvenate the enjoyment of everyday life. 

We believe that whatever we strive for in life we all share a common be happy. And so our mission is simple, create happier lives through the calm and balance of perimenopause, menopause, PMS and stress symptoms.

Sian's story

Sian has practiced as a BANT registered Nutritional Therapist for 7 years and worked with many women seeking help and support with hormones; PMS, perimenopause and menopause, endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS); and both men and women looking for stress management and sports nutrition support.

In addition to working with hormones in a professional capacity, Sian had her own personal journey with them.

"When I look back I did always seem to have PMS symptoms but I really noticed they became an issue when I was doing a lot of training for triathlon. Nutrition helped me feel far more in control of my hormones and supported me fantastically however as I’ve got older and life’s got busier and more stressful I needed further help and support on top of the nutrition.

In my mid-30s and following many years of endurance training I had very low progesterone levels and found it difficult to get pregnant. I did finally get pregnant and had a wonderful little boy. It was the best and worst of times as my mum was very sick by the time I gave birth and she died 3 months later. Managing my grief and being a new mum left me suffering with anxiety and the complete inability to cope with even the slightest stress.

I continued to have issues with concieving and chose to try IVF. This was unfortunately unsuccessful and led to a series of failed pregnancies. I was left exhausted, with constant brain fog, self-doubt, anxiety and to top it all off lots of my hair either fell out in patches or just snapped off. Now in my mid-40s I’ve begun to experience perimenopausal symptoms, struggling with fatigue and brain fog, finding it hard to recover from physical exercise, experiencing muscle pain and mood changes.

CBD and supplement support have completely transformed daily life. When you feel the positive effects of something so profoundly you want to share that with others. That’s where Happy Me came from, the desire to bring that same transformation I've experienced to other people’s lives.”

Georgina's story

Georgina’s journey to the Happy Me partnership was born out of a firm belief in the tangible benefits of CBD. Having incorporated CBD products into her daily regimen since 2018 to manage her own symptoms of stress and hormone disruption, she is an enthusiastic personal advocate.  Her profound, experience-based belief runs in parallel with her mindset for uncovering alternative solutions and her desire to help others discover them for themselves, and to access them confidently with the same positive impacts.  

Her introduction to CBD came during a time in her life when anxiety and stress were a dominant theme and, as she would later learn, were key contributors to the flare-ups of searing joint pain that often left her lying awake at night. Compounded with severe hormone dysregulation from the combination of stress and years of synthetic intervention, she was experiencing a myriad of symptoms consistent with early perimenopause. Exhausted, creaky, cranky and feeling prematurely decrepit despite still in her thirties, she sought medical advice. Living in New York as an expat at the time, she turned to her trusted U.S. family physician, but the subsequent recommendation of controlled pharmaceuticals and steroid injections felt alarmingly heavy-handed, not to mention lacking in holistic consideration, so she decided to seek out a more natural, organic approach.

It wasn’t long after introducing CBD into her daily routine thanks to a close friend (and early CBD founder) that she noticed her main symptom, joint pain, easing and then ultimately vanishing. As her anxiety lifted and her hormones settled, her sleep became less interrupted. And although the sources of stress remained, her ability to manage them changed. The balance had noticeably shifted towards a calmer equilibrium and a welcome sense of control was gradually being restored.

In tandem with this personal breakthrough, simultaneous breakthroughs were happening on the alternative therapies stage, notably the passing of the 2018 US Farm Bill. The state-wide legalisation of CBD demonstrated advancements in government-backed research and understanding of its benefits under a regulated market. Having experienced the value of CBD for her own stress and pain management and hormonal support, Georgina was by now firmly captivated by the alternative therapies movement. Carrying first-hand experience and her desire to share the benefits, fuelled by a quest to break down the taboos in a frequently misunderstood market, Georgina was on to her next mission.  

Partnering with Sian, a long-standing friend, fellow advocate, and fully qualified nutritional therapist with deep knowledge on a scientific level,
the dream team was galvanised! 

Together they are

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