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The fundamental role of food is to provide the body with fuel, but in addition to this the nutrients within food are essential to maintain everyday function and healthy body systems. Daily nutrition has the power to play a beneficial or detrimental role in overall health and specifically in the balance of hormones.

Certain nutrients are vital for the production of hormones as well as their metabolism and detoxification, and a lack of the right nutritious foods can negatively impact hormonal balance, worsening symptoms. Conversely the diet can support the body and reduce perimenopausal, menopausal, PMS and stress symptoms. Whilst the make up of a healthy diet may remain similar different life stages, events and hormonal needs may require more of certain vitamins and minerals.

Eating for menopause, PMS and stress

A hormone friendly diet can...

- Reduce mood swings, anxiety and depression

- Increase energy levels

- Protect your bones

- Help you to maintain a healthy weight

- Boost mood

- Aid digestion

- Reduces and helps in the management of healthy cholesterol levels

For Stress:

- Can support the adrenal glands and the body's ability to manage stress

For Menopause:

- Can reduce frequency and/ or intensity of hot flushes

For PMS:

- Reduces intensity and presence of headaches, water retention and cramps

FREE Nutrition Guides

At Happy Me we believe that nutrition can go a long way to support hormonal balance. When combined with CBD products it can be an effective and powerful way of naturally reducing symptoms and improving hormone balance.

Pop your chosen nutrition guide in your basket, the guides are FREE with every purchase.

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