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CBD for fitness

CBD for Fitness

CBD is used widely by professional athletes and weekend warriors alike. Frequently included in the wellness routines of athletes and fitness enthusiasts, CBD is being used to aid mental and physical recovery, and reduce fatigue and pain.

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Why CBD?

A natural product known for its anti-inflammatory properties, evidence appears to support the use of CBD to improve the efficacy and efficiency of recovery processes after sport and exercise.

CBD is used by athletes and fitness enthusiasts for a number of reasons; to improve sleep quality, to reduce mental fatigue, to reduce oxidative stress and inflammation, to reduce post-exercise muscle soreness and to support muscular recovery.

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What does the research say?

A 2020 review into CBD in sport concludes that preclinical studies show CBD could be useful to athletes due to its anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, anxiety reducing, neuroprotective properties and its influence on the sleep-wake cycle. According to a further review from 2021 CBD has properties that may make it an effective tool to aid recovery from sport and exercise.

CBD for recovery

Effective recovery from exercise is an absolutely crucial aspect of getting the most out of the body and progressing. Whether new to exercise or a professional athlete, recovery allows the body to repair itself and adapt, improving fitness and performance. CBD may improve recovery through its ability to regulate the sleep-wake cycle, improving sleep, and thereby both physical and mental recovery.

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