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Does CBD make you dream more?

Does CBD make you dream more?

When was the last time you pitched up at work only to discover in horror that you’d forgotten to get dressed? Or discovered the innate ability to fly with a simple leap off the ground and a quick swoosh of the arms? Dreams… curious things aren’t they?  

Some of us are frequent, vivid dreamers while others assert they’re unsusceptible, but with a growth in CBD therapy, many are reporting increased dream activity. While scientists remain divided over the functional purpose of dreams, there is some science behind why you may be CBDreaming. Here’s why…

CBD is used by many to reduce sleep issues and improve sleep quality. It can contribute to the restoration of our natural sleep cycle which can in turn prolong the time spent in the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) stage of sleep when most dreaming occurs.

The REM stage is also important to mental wellbeing, with dreams believed to support emotional processing. Reduced REM sleep has been linked to anxiety and depression, and recent studies have shown that CBD can help reduce PTSD nightmares.

A separate study showed that using melatonin as a supplement can make dreams more frequent as well as more intense. CBD oil is understood to boost the body’s natural melatonin production which may explain why some report dreaming more with CBD.

CBD has been studied for its ability to support and regulate neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine. Research suggests dopamine has a large influence on our dreams due to its interaction within the hippocampus - the region of our brain which plays a central role in our ability to remember, imagine and to dream.

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