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Take CBD on holiday

Can you take CBD on holiday?

If you are considering taking CBD oil on holiday, it is important to familiarise yourself with its legal status if you are planning to visit a foreign country. CBD regulations vary worldwide, so it can be confusing when trying to determine whether you can bring it with you on your holiday, especially if your trip includes transiting through another country.

To avoid encountering any issues or having your CBD confiscated upon arrival, we have compiled this guide to help you navigate travelling with CBD. While our aim here is to provide helpful advice, it is essential that you conduct your own research and consult official guidelines at your destination before packing your CBD. We firmly suggest checking the destination government’s website, embassy or consulate over anything else, particularly given CBD’s continuously evolving legal landscape around the world.

Firstly, let's address the legality of CBD oil in the UK...

CBD is considered legal in the UK provided it contains less than 0.2% THC (the psychoactive compound). If the THC content exceeds 0.2%, it is considered too high and therefore falls into the category of scheduled drugs.

To ensure your CBD oil contains less than 0.2% THC, it is advisable to source it from reputable suppliers who label their products clearly, provide information about their ingredient origins and have third-party lab reports to demonstrate the THC level. At Happy Me CBD, we prioritise these measures; our CBD products are THC-free and are all independently lab-tested.

Can you take CBD oil on your flight?

Once you’re confident that your CBD oil contains less than 0.2% THC, you can bring it in your hand luggage on a plane provided that it does not exceed 100ml. This restriction aligns with the limitations for other liquid items (note that the UK's 100ml limit will increase in June 2024 when a new two-litre limit will be introduced).

It’s advisable to check with your travel provider regarding their specific rules concerning CBD. Leading carriers like British Airways allow passengers to travel with CBD oil, but it may be wise to verify the regulations of other airlines as well. Even if your carrier permits CBD oil on board, it may still be illegal in your destination country.

Top tip for carrying oils: if your bottle is likely to fall sideways in your suitcase or carry-on, give the neck thread a quick wipe with a tissue before packing it to avoid any annoying leaks.  The viscous nature of oil means that any residue on the closure thread can compromise the firm closure, even when screwed tightly, but this is quickly fixed with a bit of tissue.

Is CBD legal at your travel destination?

While leaving the UK with compliant CBD oil is legal, the legality of CBD in your destination country is where things might become more complicated. Different countries have varying rules and laws regarding CBD, and these regulations are subject to change. Therefore, it is crucial to research the regulations of your destination and any other regions you will be travelling through before setting off.

Where is CBD legal in the European Union (EU)?

Most EU countries have legalised the carrying, purchasing and use of CBD, this includes the following countries:

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Denmark
  • Italy
  • Ireland
  • Luxembourg
  • Poland
  • The Netherlands
  • Romania
  • Spain
  • Switzerland
  • Portugal

However, it is important to note that while carrying CBD with less than 0.2% THC is currently legal in these countries, additional guidelines may apply.

Switzerland has slightly different regulations. Although it does not have specific rules regarding CBD, the country has strict THC laws. CBD is widely available but legal only if the THC level does not exceed 1% - so you’re safe with your THC-free Happy Me products.

European countries with stricter CBD regulations include France, Sweden, and Norway. In these countries, only CBD with no THC is allowed. The Netherlands has a low limit of just 0.05% THC in CBD products.  Again, being THC-free, our products fall safely within these rules.

Some European countries allow the importation of CBD with a medical prescription. These countries include Germany, Portugal, Austria, Finland, and Malta.

Travelling with CBD oil to North America

The United States is generally a safe destination for travelling with CBD. Forty-seven out of the fifty states allow its use, with Iowa, Idaho, and South Dakota being the exceptions where its use remains prohibited.

However, each of the forty-seven states that allow CBD has its own set of rules and requirements, which can be confusing. As such, it’s best to check with your airline carrier about the specific laws of the state you plan to visit, as well as any other states you may transit through.

In Canada, CBD is legal for adults, but transporting CBD products across the Canadian border without a permit or exemption authorised by Health Canada is illegal.

When crossing the USA-Mexico border, you can legally travel with CBD as long as the label on your CBD product indicates that it is hemp-derived and contains less than 1% THC (which ours does). However, if you are travelling to Mexico from other countries, you cannot bring CBD across the border with you. Nonetheless, once you’re within Mexican borders, CBD products are widely available for purchase from licensed stores.

Travelling with CBD oil to South America

In Central and South America, the legality of CBD products varies greatly. It is therefore crucial to research the specific regulations of the countries you plan to visit.

While some countries have legalised medical cannabis or decriminalised the possession of small amounts of marijuana, this does not necessarily mean that CBD oil is legal or that there are no restrictions on its use. To obtain up-to-date information on regulations, it is recommended to consult with the embassy or consulate of the countries you plan to visit.

Colombia permits the use of CBD products, as long as the CBD content does not exceed 1% of the product's dry weight. To travel with CBD, you will need a prescription from a licensed healthcare professional and any necessary documentation regarding the use of medical cannabis, even if it is just CBD.

In Brazil, the use of medical cannabis, including CBD products, is allowed as long as the THC content does not exceed 2%. The same rules apply here as with Colombia - when travelling with medical cannabis products, including CBD, you will need a prescription from a licensed healthcare professional and any required documentation.

Uruguay has legalised cannabis for recreational use, but this is limited to residents only. Therefore, if you are travelling to Uruguay with CBD products, it is recommended to carry them in their original packaging and be prepared to provide documentation or a prescription if requested by customs officials.

Travelling with CBD to Asia

Travelling to Asia with CBD is not recommended as the continent generally has the most restrictive and severe approach toward CBD. CBD and THC are not distinguished from one another, and the regulations surrounding them are very stringent.

The legal stuff!

We want to emphasise that the information provided in this guide serves as a starting point for your research and should not be considered legal advice. Always conduct your own research before travelling.  Contacting the embassy or consulate for up-to-date information on CBD product regulations is your best bet for definitive clarity.

While we have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information, we cannot guarantee its completeness and accuracy. Therefore, you must understand that any reliance you place on the information presented in this guide is done so at your own risk. We cannot be held liable for any loss, damage, or legal action arising from its use.

We hope you find this guide helpful and, if you’re still reading, we’ll assume that you are indeed planning a trip, in which case – safe travels from us both at Happy Me CBD!

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